Testing out the LR5 Beta

Main Street, Annapolis MD, March 2013
Main Street, Annapolis MD, March 2013

A number of years ago I downloaded a beta version of hotmail.  The release was full of bugs and actually destroyed my email at the time.  I made a promise to myself to NEVER again test a beta version of any software.  So this evening I downloaded the LR5 beta.  I figured if my email could be destroyed why not my photos too.

For this rather mundane scene looking up West Street in Annapolis I wanted to try out the much tweeted about “Upright” tool for straightening edges.  This is going to prove to be a speedy fix to a problem that haunts me each time I edit a photo like this.  Simply explained the left row of buildings and the church in the back of the photo were, in the original pitched to the right.  In the past I would have straightened up the most prominent vertical line and cropped out the other.   “Upright” straightened them ALL  up automatically.  Pretty cool.  Not earth shattering, but a nice tool in the toolbox.

So I guess I’ll test this thing out a little more.  Let’s hope it doesn’t eat my email or my photos!




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