Impromptu Photo Shoot

Holland 2


The plan was simple.

Weed the flower beds, mulch the flower beds, sweep the sidewalks, eat lunch.

Notice that photography is nowhere in that agenda.  However, as I was finishing up the mulching our neighbors, who live in the house above, emerged with camera in hand looking to improve their online real estate photographs of the property.  After a short discussion about the best time of day to take photos of the house my tripod and Canon 7d were set up bracketing photographs for our neighbors.  Earlier this evening I edited the 27 bracketed photos I shot,  ending  up with 13 finished exterior photos.  The photo above is my personal favorite.

Real estate photography has always been an area I am interested in.  This mini-project was a good primer for how to set these shots up, and an even better primer on how to quickly edit and send the photos to the end user.

So with my neighbor’s permission, I’ve shared this photo with you.  If you are interested in a moving to the Annapolis area drop me a line and I’ll send you their listing.

Oh, and I finished all of the tasks on the yard work agenda.


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