Rework Week : Ice House | Moving back to Flickr

Okay, so I have gone completely nuts with the Snapseed.  It’s like crack for photographers.  Anyway…  Here is one of my favorite Snapseed remakes of the week.  This is an old Ice House at Kinder Farm Park in Severna Park, MD.  My son an myself got a “behind the scenes tour” last summer and I snapped this shot when we were touring the ice house.

You can read the orginal post here And the original image is below.

If your interested here is a link to my Flickr photostream where you can find my other Snapseed reworks.  It’s been fun.

Also, unless you have been under a rock, you know Flickr has just upped the ante and given users 1TB of space on their servers.  Over the past year my workflow has transitioned from a stationary PC for nearly 100% of my editing and blogging, to a mix of the PC, tablet, and laptop.  I have been on the verge of buying up a Dropbox account to store all of my photos  to ease the pain of never having the photos I need on the device I have in my hands.  This new Flickr deal changes the deal.  I’ll be sending photos back up to Flickr on a consistent basis.  Dropbox/Google Drive will still have a place in the workflow food chain, but Flickr will soon host the portfolio and be the primary source for images on this blog.


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