IMG_9745Swallowtails have made their presence known in our area this summer.  I captured this swallowtail moving from flower to flower this evening at the walking trail at Greenbury Point Nature Center. Sometimes the mistake shots are more compelling and tell a better story.

I have been really busy latey, whew!  Last weekend I traveled to New York with my daughter.  I didn’t go crazy with the camera but I took some photos, which I’ll share soon with everyone.   I did make a shopping stop at B&H Photo and picked up a Black Rapid strap for my camera.  The 7D is a bit heavy on the neck and I have been looking at other options.  I chose the RS-7 because it’s somewhat compact.  I opted not to go with the sport model because it seemed like a parachuting harness when I tried it on.  Tonight was the first photo excursion where I had used the strap.  It was very comfortable, and I was able to take my hand off the camera while walking, which was nice.  I’ve yet to use it in a situation needing a tripod, but I’ll let you know how that works out.


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