West 31st Street

IMG_9708_1Scenes like this are common in Manhattan.  What this photo doesn’t sell you is the modern Hampton inn to the left of the scene above.  That’s really the point of this post.  Manhattan seems to me to be three different and distinct cities.  First, it is perhaps the largest tourist trap I have ever visited.  You simply can move a block in mid-town without passing a buggy driver looking for a fare, or a bus company selling an open top tour, or a man in the park asking for dontations while he makes huge soap bubbles for the kids passing by.  Second, is the New York of the scene above.  A dirty gritty place where walls turn into an artists palette.  And the third is a thriving community of people not so much different than me.  Folks who have decent jobs and nice homes and enjoy the place they live.  Whats amazing is these three worlds move in unison with one another. Washington DC is a little like this as well, but Baltimore is much much different.



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