Very very busy, no time to blog



While my posts here have slowed a bit I assure you I am very very busy.  Busy both with photography projects and work.  I have been contacted recently to participate in a number of photography projects, which is very exciting.  Here’s a short list of what’s going on.

Earlier this month I was contacted by a publishing company who prints the Appomattox, VA phone book.  They were seeking permission to use a photo I posted of the Appomattox Battlefield.  I granted the permission, the book goes to print in early November.  This is the first time someone has asked permission to use my photos on a commercial level.  Sometime in the next few months, I’ll be traveling to Ft Myers FL to peddle some photos an art/jewelry show.  This is a first for me, and while the profit margin will be slim, I may cover my airfare to spend the weekend with good friends.  Also, next weekend I’ll be shooting photographs at a High School reunion  to be used on the reunion committees website.

But probably the most significant; I will be starting a project tomorrow AM (was going to start today but it was too cloudy)  for a client who has contacted me to produce a book of photographs.  It will take a year or more to shoot all of the photographs, and produce the final book. I’ll share the progress as I work through this project.  Already this has been a learning experience for me and has changed my approach to photography (for the better).  I’ve been refining my photography workflow so I can stay more organized with the photos taken during the project.  This a huge step for me into making this hobby a small source of income.

In the midst of all this, I got a new (day) job.  In mid-august, I moved from a local passenger transportation company providing commuter busing in Washington DC, to a Northeast regional transportation company (which is part of a larger national network)  providing passenger transportation from Washington DC to cities from Charlotte, NC to  New England.  It’s been a huge change and I’ve been quite busy.

Photo above is a rusty Alternator found a few weeks ago at the salvage yard.


4 thoughts on “Very very busy, no time to blog

  1. Nice to see you’re being recognized. I’ll be watching progress of the projects

    Alternator off an early 60’s Chrysler product. Vehicle probably had air conditioning evidenced by dual pulleys for the drive belts.

    That lens always amazes me. Great shot.


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