7th & H NW


For Christmas my wonderful wife gave me tickets to a Washington Capitals hockey game.  They lost in OT but we had a great time in DC as Thursday’s snow started to descend onto the city.

Shot above is looking East on H Street at 7th Street NW into Chinatown.  This part of DC is very busy, especially when there is an event at Verizon center.  Usually not a street photographer, I think I would like to return with my DSLR one night.

Photo was taken on my blackberry smartphone (contradiction in terms) and edited in Lightroom.  The phone has a terrible camera, but the image works well with a TON of noise reduction.  Black and white treatment makes an ordinary scene have a little drama.


2 thoughts on “7th & H NW

    1. Charlie, my work takes me to this part of town on a regular basis, usually I’m too much in a hurry to watch for a scene. This was taken in the doorway to the Fuddruckers burger restaurant, I was waiting for my wife to emerge from the subway so we could eat before the game. Not sure if thats where you ate, next time you are in DC let me know.


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