Foggy Photos with Jackson

IMG_1638I woke up this morning to a foggy, misty morning.  So I grabbed the camera, and my son, Jackson to go capture some foggy images.  Jackson proved to capture the images of the day with the Canon G9 (still one of the best cameras I’ve ever owned).  Look carefully in the photo above and you’ll see Jackson honing his craft.  A selection of his images is below.



While I was setting up ND filter holders and remote shutter releases, Jackson was pursuing this squirrel.  The photo below is the Oyster Nursery pots wating to be cultivated next summer.


Next are two images from the sailing pier in our neighborhood.  Jackson chose a gritty, photojournalistic, high ISO approach to landscape photography, and it works nicely.  I’ll have to try this approach in the future.

IMG_3989 IMG_3984

This event turned out to be more about watching Jackson enjoy something new, than capturing images myself.  I have a few I’ll edit and share over the next few posts, but this one squarely belongs to Jackson.   Good job.




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