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What’s next….

So here it is!  The end.

I’ve decided to shutter [bad pun i know] this photo blog.  Since it’s start back in 2007 it’s been a good journal of what’s become a great hobby. I’m proud of the photos I’ve posted.  The photos here are the product of some hard work.  And while some are better than others, I’ve enjoyed sharing them all.

However, over the past year a few things have changed.  First my shooting time has diminished dramatically.  I’ve picked up a few other interests, not replacing the photography, but replacing some of the time spent hunting for the “perfect” shot. Secondly, as a family we’ve transitioned away from the desktop being the primary location for using the internet. In doing so my photos have become disjointed and saved across several devices and in several light room catalogs.  Suddenly managing a portfolio, over multiple devices, which saw the introduction of 15K photos a year for the last 7 years is nearly impossible.  So the lack of time and a rather disjointed workflow have me thinking about the hobby, blogging, and how I want to approach both.  The current blog, in my opinion has run it course and is due to retire.

The new space, when it’ ready will be a discussion on composition and how I manage to “get” the shot, my slide down the technical learning curve, and a serious discussion on workflow and photo catalog management (not that I know anything about that, but I do know I’m doing it wrong).  Posts will be concentrated on projects not single photos.  All in all, a discussion of my hobby more than a presentation of my work.

So there will be one more post on this blog.  When I sign off in about a month.  By then the new blog will be hatched and I’ll share the details.

I have met a few interesting people along the way, and shared 646 posts with everyone.  However, it’s time to retool and rebuild.

Thanks to all!



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