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Bye Bye Canon

Hello all, I’m back.

So, it turns out I took a year and a few months off from photo blogging.  I can’t say it was some Zen moment, or an enlightening experience.  Truth is, I largely stopped taking photos for a while.  I am still wondering why, again not some conscious decision to “improve my craft” via a break from the hobby.  I just stopped.  Nothing extraordinary.

Then something quite interesting happened.  We went to Block Island, RI for a wedding and weekend away.  Block Island is a beautiful place.  Here’s a sunrise…


However, during the weekend my camera (Canon 7D w/  a Sigma F4 17-80) went missing. Stolen actually.  It was carelessness on my part.  It was left next to a bonfire at our hotel, and was gone when we went to retrieve. Pro-tip, stow your gear safely, especially if you are enjoying drinks around a bonfire.

However, the truth is I was a bit tired of the 7D, and in it’s absence and thoughts about how to replace, my mind shifted to a smaller, lighter, and more compact system.    I came to the quick realization that part of my loss in energy was that I was opting to leave the 7D home in favor of my iphone6 or Canon G7 (now an aging addition to my camera bag).  I was tired of lugging the heavy camera/equipment,

My first thought was to get a smaller DSLR, perhaps a Canon T6 or similar (never considered Nikon). But my mind conjured thoughts of my old 350D, so that was quickly dismissed.  I also briefly considered another 7D (Mark II), but then remembered the pain of lugging all that weight, and I was on a bit of a budget (now have a kid in college). Then mirror-less 4:3 systems caught my attention. I Eventually decided to make the jump to Olympus, and the OM-D E-M10 Mark II.  I’ll share a complete post on the camera and my initial images and review.

Here’s the M10 Mark II with the 40-150 (80-300 equivalent 35mm) MZukio zoom.


This weighs less than my Tamron 70-300 zoom not attached to the old 7D.  So, this is a significant space saver for my camera bag, but also several pounds less to lug around.   I did decide to keep my old Canon 350D with a 28-200 zoom as a back up camera in my bag.

Here are the reasons I made the switch:

  • I don’t need pro gear, I’m not a pro.  That said, I expect top quality images.  The M10 delivers this.
  • Lugging around heavy camera gear is a pain, and I had stopped taking photos because of it.
  • Micro 4:3 is emerging, and technological advancements in this realm are exceeding whats happening on the DSLR markets
  • I was on a bit of a budget, and couldn’t really afford the hefty 7D Mark II price tag (especially because I needed a new primary zoom lens as well).

So, I am back.  And the blog will continue.  Next post will be a review of the camera, as well as some images captured so far.  Stay tuned.



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