Zoom Zoom



Back in the Canon days I was spoiled by an old Quantarray 28-200 zoom that had surprisingly good glass.  What I liked most was the diversity of use I had with the lens which meant it was used extensively.  I’ve missed that lens tremendously in the switch over to an Olympus 4/3’s system.  So, recently, when I was considering a new lens purchace my mind went to a zoom that could fill the same role on my OM-D.

I won’t go through all the lenses I considered but I ended up purchasing a Tamron 14-150mm F/3.5-5.8 Di III.  I will mention I chose this lens over the similar (read almost identical) Olympus mZuiko equivilent.  I made the choice for three reasons.  First, I have a Tamron 70-300 telephoto from my Canon cameras and it is fantastic.  With the first point in mind the second reason is price, where the Tamron was about $100usd cheaper.  I struggled quite a bit with the choice because both were in my budget.  However, the reviews of the construction gave the Tamron the edge.  The reviewes mentioned the Tamron was a solid metal lens that “felt” like a DSLR lens.  And while the reviewers of the Olympus lens didn’t say it felt “cheap” they did mention it was plastic, which gave Tamron the edge.

I made the purchase from Adorama Camera, where I purchased the E-M10mII last year.  The lens was in-stock on nearly every on-line retailer I shopped, but I chose Adorama because of their connection to ebates.com   which gives us cash back for purchases at select retailers.  However, like ALL of the purchases I make from Adorama the product was backordered.  Since I didn’t need the lens right away and the rebate was significant I decided to wait out the backorder.  But I did send an email to their C/S department about an “estimated” delivery.  I received a form letter response with absolutely no useful information.  A WEEK later I sent a second email and asked that they forward to a manager just so I would know if I was going to be waiting another week?, month?, year? for the lens.  Again the resonse was the exact same form letter.  However, three days later, the product shipped and I received the lens the next day.  So all in all it took them 14 days to ship a product which B&H and Amazon had for the same price and had in stock.  They can thank ebates that I am thrifty.  I’m not all that upset about this though and certainly would shop from them again, it’s just a bit frustrating especially when there’s no indication at the time of order that a product isn’t in stock.

I’ve not had ideal conditions to fully test the lens out at this point.  The evening it arrived in the mail I took if for a few shots but the sunset was a tad bland to post shots from. Then again yesterday morning I managed a few shots in the extreme early part of the blue hour, where my camera doesn’t perform at it’s best (read I also was half asleep and didn’t execute the shots very well).  Anyhow, here’s the first image with the lens, and this is straight out of the camera with no edits.  Enjoy!



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