Summer 100 Day 1

Summer Lilly

Over the summer months I decided to try a photography project called “Summer 100”.  You can probably figure out from the title what the project entailed, so I won’t bore you with the details other than from mid-June to mid-September I collected a photo a day from my daily travelings.  I followed the following rules:

  1. Don’t publicize the project:I thought it was important to focus on the discipline of collecting, editing, formatting the photos not on a daily share.  I know I would eventually share the photos here, and that’s where we are at now.
  2. Consistent workflow:I kept with a consistent 1×1 crop, edited on the day the photo was taken (mostly), and organized consistently in LR and LR mobile.  Each photo is also geo-coded, and I’ll try to share the map with you as we work through the project.
  3. Photo of the Day integrity:  Each photo was generated day by day.  There were no gaps, and I didn’t change any meta-data in the final images to make the math work.  I had (1) sketchy day where I found a photo I took on my work phone to make the lineage consistent.  But the final presentation of images here is day by day for 100 days.

Here’s how I’ll roll this out.  The image above is day one.  For the next 100 days, starting today, I’ll post a photo from the collection, in order.   I’ll keep it simple by Titling each photo with the Day we are on chronologically, and a brief title of what the photo depicts.  Then I’ll take each #photography and #photooftheday.  I’ll share on my LinkedIn Feed, Facebook,  and  Twitter for those who follow there.   Please feel free to comment along the way.

A huge disclaimer before we begin.  These aren’t intended to be works of art, they are snapshots, and not much more.  Please enjoy for what they are…


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