For the seasonally impatient 

We made a preseason trip to the ski resort yesterday for a ski swap.  In about one month, I’ll be waiting at this lift ready to take the first turns of the season.  

For those local to the mid-Atlantic, this is Minuteman Lift at Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry PA.  From the top of this lift you can see Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, and the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear  power plant.  

Roundtop is a smaller resort, but not without extremely challenging terrain.  The slopes are cut to the natural fall lines of the mountain making it feel safer than some engineered slopes at other resorts.  It was built in the mid sixties and was where I learned to ski in the early eighties.

We are season pass holders here, and a typical Saturday or Sunday at Roundtop is as much a tailgate party as any professional sports event.  Us Roundtoppers, as we are called, are friendly and you always ski with someone you know, even if we just met.  


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