Tune Up


I’ve opened up the hood and given the blog a bit of a tune up. She’s got a ton of miles on her and should be traded in, but I think with a little TLC we can drive it a while longer. As my journey into photography has developed, so has technology.  And over that time I’ve shared more and more of my work via Facebook and Twitter, going for likes over content.  And the neglect to the blog showed.

So I’ve deleted all the content more than a year old.  It’s not all that important any longer, and statistics show the posts are never read.  In fact not a lot of the posts are read. I’ve also changed up the template.  This may not be temporary.

I have a few ideas on the direction I am headed with the posting plan.  Those plans are way to primitive at this point to share.

Thanks for tuning in.  If you have subscribed for a while, thank you.  For new visitors, thank you too, I hope you found something I’ve shared in useful to you.




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