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Who is Nels Cross?

I am a forty something father of two living in Annapolis, MD with my high school, and wife of 17 year, Lynn.  I have been a photographer of sorts my entire life, but have been seriously attempting to learn the craft since 2007.

When I was a kid my Dad had a black and white darkroom set up in the basement bathroom of our home in Severn, MD.  I remember spending hours in the darkroom with my dad watching him develop prints with the strange red light.  My job was to move the photos from bath to bath as they developed.  That said, I would have absolutely no idea how to develop a print today in a darkroom.  The memories are cool though.

Always one to have a camera with me,  I stuck mostly to snapshots of family vacations and events.  I used film point and shoot cameras (never had an SLR) until 2003, when we bought a Sony 5mp digital camera.  Life with digital was amazing, and my interest in photography grew until 2007 when my wife bought me a Canon G9 Power Shot digital.  The G9 is a very robust camera which allowed me to take amazing photographs.  I still use the G9 extensively although my main camera body is a Canon 7D.

I dabble a little in HDR, but not too much.  I’ve shot a wedding or two, a few sporting events, and enjoy shooting photos of birds and wildlife.  My favorite scenes are landscapes, and in particular landscapes which feature the Chesapeake Bay. And, of course, documenting with photos the family as it grows remains my main motivation to pick up a camera.


  1. Rob Moses says:

    I used to have a 7D, great camera! Nice blog, keep up the good work 🙂

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