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Entering the world of ND filters


I had a few minutes for some practice using my new ND filter kit yesterday. Still a ton to learn, but the results weren’t too shabby. 

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Romancoke Pier



There simply hasn’t been much time for photography lately.  In August I started a new job, which although was a very good career move for me, has altered the work-life balance tremendously.  Not complaining, but my camera sat dormant from Thanksgiving, until Thursday of the this past week.

To ring in winter in Maryland, we have been treated to 65+ degree weather this weekend.  Yesterday, I actually did yard work in shorts/t-shirt and was warm.  This morning work beckoned with an early AM fire to be extinguished. Unable to sleep afterward, I packed up the gear and went about 25 minutes east to Romancoke Pier, on Kent Island in Queen Anne’s County Maryland.

Filter photography has grabbed my attention lately.  I’ve had a 2 stop graduated ND filter for a number of years but never really learned to use it, and it’s sat dormant most of the time I’ve owned it.  The shot above was taken about 45 minutes before the sunrise.  The shot is set at ISO 100, F/18, 66second exposure.

Tip: Long exposure photography chews your battery quickly.  Shortly after the sunrise, I turned to a nesting pair of Bald Eagle perched in a tree about 100 yards away.  When I loaded the long lens on the camera and started to set up the my battery went dead.  So no photos of the Eagles.  Crud!

Not sure if I’ll post before Christmas, if not Happy Holidays to all!

Red Bench


Up Early for Lakeside Photographs

CS Test092913

Early Fall Clouds


Yellow Swallowtail



Captured this tonight at the photography meetup.  The subject of the meetup was to photograph the sunset.  But, the sunset was not all that dramatic.  My lens wandered and I found these swallowtails having an evening meal.  

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