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Blue-Crowned Motmot


Got my eye on you


Blackwater Eagle Festival Gallery

Here is a quick gallery of our trip to Blackwater NWR for the 13th Annual Eagle Festival.  Great day.  Although these photos are of captive birds we did see no less than a dozen Eagles in flight during our bus tour of the refuge.

Hello Sir!


Someone either on the blog or via Facebook asked me for a photograph of a Flamingo when I was in Florida a few weeks ago.  Here it is!

Like Mr. Macaw a few weeks ago, I found this Flamingo at Seaworld in Orlando.  He was obviously used to people being around because he actually moved closer as I approached with the camera.  I am not a Flamingo expert so I don’t know which type this might be, but he is much much larger than ones we saw earlier in the week.

Again this photo is shot with a Canon G9 Power Shot point and shoot, and is nearly straight out of the camera.  I did a little sharpening, but the colors are as the camera saw them.

What a quick week.  We have another busy weekend with lots to do.  Hope you make it a good one!

Little Magothy Marsh

From last Spring at the Little Magothy River inlet.  The famous (on this blog anyway) “favorite spot” is around the marsh to the right.  This is a very popular place to fish in the summer and an even more popular place for the young people in our community to “hang out”.  Once Sandy clears out my son and I will be doing some beach clean up in the marshy area so our herons, red winged blackbirds, and egrets have clean place to live.  If you want to join us leave a comment and I’ll coordinate the details with you. 

The image was processed with HDR software, but as you can tell doesn’t have that HDR’ish over produced look.  This seems to be my style with HDR and landscape photography.  However when working on photos of cars, motorcycles, or other “objects”  I prefer the more surreal look to the production.  Lots and lots of discussion on the web about HDR.  Its a great tool in the tool box, but it’s not the best tool for every photograph. 

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Bring on the Yankees

Let’s Go O’s!

Last night was the first post-season baseball game I have cared about in fifteen years.  It felt great to cheer on the hometeam Orioles to a victory over the Texas Rangers. Whats great about this Orioles team is they are still, although the record really doesn’t support the theory, viewed as a team playing well beyond their ability.  Clearly Texas doesn’t feel that way this morning, and the Yankees know better as well. 

About the photograph

The Oriole Bird is a very visible sign around town both during the baseball season, but the offseason as well.  Here is a bird sighting from the Severna Park Fourth of July Parade this past summer.  Another interesting feature to the photograph is the early model Corvette he is riding. I am terrible with knowing years of classic cars, so if you know please commet. 

Back to Blogging

This post is the jumping off point for a month of scheduled posts. I have been working hard since taking a posting hiatus to pull together a bulk of material to post. The plan is to continue to add to the blog photo pile making choosing an image to post much easier.  I’ve also set up some syncing with Dropbox so that I can post photos from several different connected devices from nearly anyplace that has a wifi conncection.  If you are not using dropbox let me know and I’ll send you an invitation to sign up. 

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Yellow Crowned Night Heron

This yellow crowned night heron followed us around the wildlife refuge on a recent trip to the Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island, Florida.

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