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OK! Everybody Freak Out!!!!

Maryland is buzzing this morning with the news of Hurricane Sandy.  Forecast is for the storm to hit us here in central Maryland late Monday into Tuesday.  This is causing mayhem in our supermarkets and gas stations.  Home Depot has already sold out of generators and is skeptical about getting more. Need toilet paper? Forget about it!  Oh the joy! I need to hit said supermarket today for some batteries for our camp lantern and oranges for the soccer team snack today.  I’ll also pick up some food we can grill if we loose power for a few days.  Other than that our house has weathered Isabel in ’03, Isaac in ’11 and numerous other nor’easters over the years, so we are safe. 

Photo above is from the favorite spot last winter.  I have posted many many photos of the favorite spot over the years.  For those who don’t know, this is on the Little Magothy River looking Northeast.  This is a realively protected creeek in a storm, but is prone to flood.  Fortunately my house a a few blocks away and fifteen or so feet higher in elevation. 


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Water Break!

Saturday in the Cape

Great Blue Heron

We had a busy Saturday.  Most of the details are borin,  however the highlight of the day was a late afternoon trip to the park with my son.  We have been the residents of the Cape for nearly 8 years and have walked main beach out to the Little Magothy inlet many times.  However, a few weeks ago we discovered that there was a trail that lead out into the marsh between the Little Magothy and River Bay Road.  In the weeks since this has become a weekly trek for my son and myself.

This past Saturday as we were trekking out to the trail we ran across a Blue Heron wading in the marsh grass where the inlet meets the Little Magothy.  He was very still on the shorline, and allowed me to take many images of him before flying away.  I have seen many Blue Herons but only two when I had a camera and decent lens to capture the sight.  Here is a link to a Blue Heron we spotted in flight this past October in Chincoteague, VA. We also captured a Yellow Crested Night Heron while we were in Chincoteague, which I incorrectly identified as a Green Heron when I published the photo.

On to camera techie talk, this image was a test for my new Tamron 70-300 F/4-5.5 VC lens. It performed well.  I was able to steady my arm for this shot on a bulkhead piling an set the aperture on the camera to F18 for 1/13th second (100 ISO).  I took many photos at many f-stops, each one steady with the VC feature on the camera operating.  Aside from the auto-focus being a little slow the lens worked very well.  Until next post, be safe, and have your camera ready.

The EXIF Drilldown kicked my tail


Fells Point, Baltimore February 2010

My apologies for the extended hiatus.  Sports have started and my evening schedule has been a bit chaotic lately.  I am going to try to schedule posts ahead of time so we don’t have a lag in posting.  One thing is for sure, the schedule isn’t going to lighten any time soon.

I am currently sitting at the car dealership getting some service done to my truck.  Thanks to Apple Ford for free Wi-Fi.  I spent the past hour browsing through Flickr and practicing a drill posted on the Digital Photography School’s blog earlier in the week.  It’s called the Exif drill down.  I tested my ability to predict ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture on about 20 images.  After nailing the first image down to 1 stop on the Aperture I quickly settled into a pattern of missing a critical setting on just about every image.  It was a good drill that I started to improve on, and will definitely start to make this a regular practice drill.

So, what do you think the F, Shutter, and ISO settings are for this shot?  I’ll post the answers in the photo caption Sunday evening.

Noisy Moon 2/15/11

F5.6 @1/500 ISO200 300MM

Fooling around with some moon shots last night. Here is a really noisy rendering of the moon as seen looking SE around 6:30 PM on 2/15/11.  Not my best piece of editing, but I kind of like the ultra noisy look of the moon.

Black Eyed Susans


Waldorf’s Black Eyed Susans. July 2010, F4 1/250 14MM ISO100

Now that the weather has turned cold and the DC area has experienced perhaps the worst PM commute in the cities history here’s a reminder of the hot humid days of summer.  I found these on my way home from work one Friday afternoon last summer. Winter is my least favorite season, I look forward to the warmer days of spring about this time every year.  With that said Ground Hogs day is this week.  Will he see his shadow?

Frozen Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek, Pasadena MD, December 2010, F/8 1/30 ISO80 7.4MM

I had some time to take a few photos in Pasadena MD Saturday afternoon.  I stopped by the community we lived in for 10 years in the mid 90’s.  This photo was taken from the Elizabeth’s Landing community boat ramp.  It’s unusual for Stoney Creek to freeze, and even more unlikely for it to freeze in December.   But it’s been uncharacteristically cold in this region this year.

I tried this photo in color first, and just could not quite capture the damp cold of the moment.  Black and White seemed to capture that mood better.

The busy week leading up to Christmas has begun.  We’ll be re-publishing a few of our favorites from 2010 this week and next mixed in with a few photos of the Holiday festivities.

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