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Outer Banks Sunrise

Shot a few summers ago from Corova, NC.  Corova is in the 4×4 access area of the Outer Banks north of Corolla.  Vacation without pavement is the highlight of summer for our family. 

The push to get ready for Thanksgiving begins today with some organization around the house and a trip to the warehouse store for provisions.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. For the past few years we have invited friends and family to our house for dinner.  The event is more of a party than a traditional holiday meal.  Whatever your plans are for the holiday please travel safe and enjoy the day. 

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Getting Close

IMG_0139.jpg by NelsCross
IMG_0139.jpg, a photo by NelsCross on Flickr.

OBX View

Can't Wait For July

The caption says it all!  I’m in the midst of a stressful week.  Yet, all I need to do is pull up this photo and think about vacation in July and it recharges the batteries.

Beach Road


F3.2 @ 1/180 7.4 MM ISO100 HDR

I uploaded this to Flickr several months ago and for whatever reason never posted it here in the blog.  This is from our vacation last summer in North Swan Beach, Outer Banks, NC.  I had been up early photographing the sunrise, and saw this scene as I walking back to the beach house.

Cloud Friday 1/21/11

Summer Clouds; F4 1/2500 ISO400 28MM

As is the message each Cloud Friday, have a great weekend everyone.  Whatever your plans, be safe. Take your camera along and start taking some photos along the way.

Rooster Rooster

Victorias Favorite Animal; F8 1/160 ISO100 40MM

Often we don’t bat an eye when a seagull or a robin walks past you when you are out with the camera.  But,  have a Rooster walk through the shot and the shutter starts blazing.  This photo is from our trip to the Currituck Lighthouse this past summer while on vacation.

Technical Woes

So it appears the PC that powers Photos along the way has a faulty video board.  Looks I’ll be replacing it over the next few days.  Needless to say I can’t edit photos, and put them up on the blog without the monitor. So we are down for a few days, or until I can connect another PC to the external drive.  Sorry for the delay and lack of content.  Please check back!



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