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7th & H NW


For Christmas my wonderful wife gave me tickets to a Washington Capitals hockey game.  They lost in OT but we had a great time in DC as Thursday’s snow started to descend onto the city.

Shot above is looking East on H Street at 7th Street NW into Chinatown.  This part of DC is very busy, especially when there is an event at Verizon center.  Usually not a street photographer, I think I would like to return with my DSLR one night.

Photo was taken on my blackberry smartphone (contradiction in terms) and edited in Lightroom.  The phone has a terrible camera, but the image works well with a TON of noise reduction.  Black and white treatment makes an ordinary scene have a little drama.

Snow Day

Snow Day (converted from slide), circa mid-70's

Here is another slide conversion from my father’s photo collection.  It’s was taken after a brisk snowstorm in the mid-70’s. I think I was with my dad when he took this photo.  I remember a snowy winter day loading into his Ford Ranchero and driving around with him taking photos of the snow.    As another batch of wintery mess is on tap today, I thought I share this image with everyone.  As I said yesterday, I am about done with winter this year.  Ready for the warm days of spring, and the hot days of summer.

All that withstanding, the image above is very compelling to me.  The tree, of course, offers ample shade on a warm sunny summer day, but looks bleak here.  The clouds show the cold overcast afternoon, while what little sun there is is shining on snow that has a hint of ice forming.  The photo is very cold, and also very nicely composed.  Good shot dad.

The Commute–DPS Theme “Cold”


The Commute; F10 1/500 200mm ISO400


I have followed the postings over at Digital Photography School for the past year or so.  They have an awesome idea for 52 Weeks of Photo Themes that I have decided to incorporate into my postings.   This week’s theme is “Cold”. I am not going to make these ideas the only source of inspiration for my postings.  However the goal will be to post at least one photo for each of the 52 themes.  Should be interesting.

Actually, I have been looking for a reason to incorporate this photo for quite some time.  It’s from the National Mall in Washington DC about a week after back to back blizzards last winter.  The pigeons look like each is headed to their cubicle to work on a cold snowy DC morning.

Rukert Terminals Building, Fells Point, Baltimore

Photo taken in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD back in February 2010.  You can’t tell but Maryland had just survived back to back blizzards, and this afternoon was in a lot of ways my first trip “out” in a few weekends.  The occasion was the Baltimore Photo Collective February Photo Walk, and it was a great afternoon to have a camera.

I like this photo for a few reasons.  First I love to photograph brick against sky.  I like the way the red/orange looks against a soft blue background.  And second I love the shadow caused by the late afternoon sun.  I also like the “old” look to the Rukert painted billboard.  I am unsure if this is truly a historic sign, or a modern rendition of an old style of advertising.  A Google search lists Rukert as a Baltimore based self storage corporation.  If anyone knows, please let me know so that I can update my post.

Ike in the Outback

I sent Ike out to shovel and he sent back this shot from the outback.  Unfortunately we haven’t seen Ike nor any progress on the shoveling in about an hour.  I sense he was a little ticked with me about the the task I gave him, he was grumbling “I am only an inch tall!”  We are having chili again, one of Ike’s favorites, so I predict he’ll show up as we dish up dinner.

Ike Takes Notes, he’s a true multi-tasker

A little silliness to get through a snowy evening.  Ike insisted on using the “big pen”.  He has a lot of pride.

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