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Frustration on Fenwick Island


We had a very short vacation to Fenwick Island Delaware last summer.  I only had an opportunity for one morning of sunrise photos, and was disappointed with the results.  Here is a product of that photo excursion.  I’ll do better next time!


Canals in Cape Coral, Florida


From my trip to Fort Myers, Florida in May.  Cape Coral is an interesting city with many canals.  These photos are some sights we saw while on a boat ride with some friends. 

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Everyone likes Dolphins

During a quick trip to Southwest Florida back in May I had the opportunity to take a boat ride one afternoon.  While headed back into the canals of Cape Coral, Florida a group of dolphin swam in the wake of the boat.  Everyone likes Dolphins but you never really appreciate them fully until they are up close. 

Green Heron

Green Heron by NelsCross
Green Heron, a photo by NelsCross on Flickr.

I uploaded this Green Heron to Flickr over the winter as part of series of Birds. The series never really materialized due to my schedule over the weekend.

Green Herons are very shy birds. Unlike the Yellow Crested Night Heron a posted here, Greens like to hide in trees and marshy areas out of sight, which is where I found this bird.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Wow, time flies. I have been very busy for the past month and a half and haven’t had the time or energy to post here.

The bird here is a Yellow Crowned Night Heron I found in the Ding Darling National Wildlife Reserve in Sanibel Florida. As his face suggests this bird was very curious to what I was doing with the camera in his face. While I shot this with my 300mm Tamron Lens this bird was about 15 feet away and not flustered by my presence.

Hopefully I can post with a little more frequency in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!

More from Captiva

Captiva Shells

Cayo Costa Island, Captiva Florida

As we begin December here is another image from our trip to Captiva Island, Florida this past September.  Winter is not especially harsh in Maryland, but I would much rather be in shorts shelling on Cayo Costa than shoveling my driveway.  Nonetheless, winter is close, summer is a long way off the radar.

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